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    We are looking to the future and planning to ensure that we will meet
    the increasing demand for our products in the most sustainable way.
    Read on to find out more about how Nordzucker is leading the way
    and tackling this challenge.
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    Nordzucker uses a wide network of growers and suppliers.
    To drive sustainable improvements throughout
    this supply chain, we work in partnership with
    our growers and suppliers to raise awareness of
    best practice.
    tonnes per hectare
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    We strive to make the process of sugar
    extraction from beet increasingly efficient
    and sustainable. This involves using natural
    resources as efficiently as possible, as well
    as reducing energy consumption.
    reduction of carbon emissions
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    Nordzucker is both a European and local company,
    based primarily in the rural countryside. We aim
    to give all our colleagues a rewarding, healthy
    working environment, where everyone has the
    opportunity to develop and realise potential.
    years of reliable partnership
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    As a food producer, we see it as our responsibility
    to work together with our customers, suppliers and
    beet growers, so we can help to develop shared
    sustainability Standards and promote a wider
    awareness of them.
    young and adolescents every year are in Nordzucker’s health promoting sponsorships
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Executive statement

Sustainability is the top priority for Nordzucker and for many of our clients. As a food producer, environmental and social topics are a natural part of our daily business.

Continuing to develop a sustainability value chain together with our suppliers, service providers, employees and customers is vital to our business and top of our agenda. Traceability, quality and reliability provide a guarantee for our customers that they have found the right partner in us when it comes to sugar. We want to grow with our partners and continually improve all aspects of our performance together. 



The changes to the sugar market regime and the internationalization of the markets, present challenges and opportunities for us and our partners along the value chain that we must actively manage together.

For example, continued dedication to reducing our energy use as well as our CO2 emissions are important components of our sustainability strategy. We are increasingly working with supplier audits to ensure quality, particularly for the sugar we import from countries outside the EU. Together with our farmers in Europe we also improve efficiency and sustainability of beet growing every day.

Our primary objective is to be a sustainable and reliable partner for our customers. On this website you will find evidence of performance that demonstrates our dedication to sustainability. However we have placed an emphasis on bringing our challenges and strategies as well as our objectives to light. Continuous improvement in sustainability is one of our main strategic targets.


We hope you enjoy browsing through our new site.

Nordzucker AG

The Executive Board